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Fund Prices

ISIN Code Share Class Price Change Date Time
Lazard Emerging Markets Bond Fund
IE00B40G0C73 A Acc EUR Hedged 139.1582 19.04.2018 16:00
Lazard Emerging Markets Debt Blend Fund
IE00B4NF7429 A Acc USD 101.8945 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00B423BD43 A Acc EUR Hedged 95.0858 19.04.2018 16:00
Lazard Emerging Markets Local Debt Fund
IE00B3WFFX14 A Acc USD 103.1321 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00B40YY418 A Acc EUR Hedged 108.6534 19.04.2018 16:00
Lazard Emerging Markets Total Return Debt Fund
IE00B417CY52 A Acc EUR Hedged 110.8900 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00B4PRR915 A Acc USD 117.3897 19.04.2018 16:00
Lazard European Alternative Fund
IE00BYP5TS89 C Acc EUR 103.3991 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00BYQCRW81 AP Acc EUR 104.4130 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00BYQCRX98 BP Acc EUR 100.6444 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00BD5VYW86 B Acc EUR 103.1701 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00BD5VYZ18 B Dist EUR 16:00
Lazard Emerging Markets Debt Unrestricted Blend Fund
IE00BYZ9ZV57 A Acc USD 123.4424 19.04.2018 16.00
Lazard Emerging Markets Equity Fund
IE00B1L6MF22 A Dist USD 133.1002 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00BYQ4FT75 A Acc USD 1.1434 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00B9FC6494 S Dist USD 1.1718 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00B94NQ323 S Acc USD 1.2530 19.04.2018 16:00
Lazard US Equity Concentrated Fund
IE00BDHFVV63 B Acc EUR 16.00
IE00BYQDN348 C Acc USD 121.3807 19.04.2018 16.00
IE00BDH6RS81 B Acc USD 107.1773 19.04.2018 16.00
IE00BDHFW024 C Acc EUR 16.00
IE00BDHFVZ02 B Dist USD 118.2294 19.04.2018 16.00
Lazard Global Listed Infrastructure Equity Fund
IE00B4552M33 A Dist EUR Hedged 1.9714 19.04.2018 16:00
IE00BX9C2459 B Acc EUR Hedged 12.0397 19.04.2018 16:00
Lazard Global Managed Volatility Fund
IE00B3ZKMN25 A Acc EUR 112.9718 19.04.2018 16:00

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